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Order Synthetic Dreads Online

Hi there, everyone! 🙂 Today’s blog entry will be all about ordering synthetic dreads online, its pros, and how to make sure you receive exactly what you are looking for. This will be an important entry for those who are new to synthetic dreads, those who aren’t quite sure whether or not to order theirs online, and those who want to make the order process even faster than it already is.

Where to Buy Custom Synthetic Dreads Online and Why

This is an interesting and complex question. Most people flock to websites such as Amazon, AliExpress, or even Etsy to search for custom synthetic dreads. There’s nothing wrong with these options. Many of you know that LaetiLocs has a successful and well-known Etsy shop.

While these options don’t present any problem for you, they don’t give dreadmakers a way to make their shops more personalized. Let me explain what I mean here. allows us to change every aspect of your experience, from visiting the website for the first time to completing the checkout for your 3rd set. It allows us to make the process more streamlined, monitor what you like and what you don’t like, and make changes accordingly. While marketplaces like Etsy are excellent for those who prefer the marketplace experience, smaller stores like are better for those who are looking for the first time or want a more personalized experience when buying synthetic dreads online for the first or the fiftieth time.

Ordering Custom Synthetic Dreads: The Easy Way!

While I’m always looking for ways to make the order process even faster than it already is, I believe that LaetiLocs has one of the most streamlined processes for ordering custom sets online. With that said, most of the time contact will still be required to confirm a detail or two, and that’s okay! We’re always happy to hear from you. With all of that said, let’s go step-by-step through the ordering process so that your custom set will be exactly what you’re picturing!

Step 1: Choosing your Length and Colors

I have a blog entry coming soon that will cover length in greater detail, but for now, I will give a crash course version. The best way to know how long your dreads will be is to use a tape measure and measure down from the top of your head. Since dreads are handmade, the lengths are slightly approximate (i.e. 25 inches will most likely vary from 23-26 inches), but this is a good way to estimate how (long) they will appear on you.

Step 2: Read our First Time Guide

Our first time synthetic dreads guide is your next stop! Here you can find information regarding different transitions, styles, and colors. This page is your one-stop-shop, so you may want to bookmark it for reference. 🙂

Step 3: Order!

Once you can visualize what you want, place your order! Note the colors, length, style, transition, and maybe have a couple of reference pictures if it’s very specific. 🙂 After you order, we will most likely reach out to confirm any details we might need, so check that email! 🙂


I hope that this article helps clear things up regarding ordering custom synthetic dreads online! It’s an easy and fun process, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. 🙂

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