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Substances Do’s and Don’ts on Synthetic Dreads

You’ve just purchased and received a beautiful new set of synthetic dreads in a pleasantly wrapped package. You open the package, take them to your local stylist, and have them installed. After about a week, you realize that you need to clean your set. You embark to Google, but you can’t seem to find a general consensus. Now what? Below is a small list I’ve compiled of substances I’m commonly asked about. If I’ve missed any, or you have a suggestion, you’re welcome to let me know, and I’ll be happy to update as soon as possible. Stay Lovely! <3

Safe / Recommended:
Water – Obviously, your dreads will need to be washed. While excessive washing can wear and loosen the hairs in each dread causing a frizzy look (Washing once a week or so is the best way to go about it), water itself will not damage the dreads or decrease their lifespan in any way.

Shampoo (ANY Brand, NO Conditioner) – Do not be fooled by anyone claiming that you must use a certain brand of shampoo on your dreads when you wash them. As long as there is no conditioner included, a simple store brand bottle will not have any adverse effects on your synthetic dreads.

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution – A very diluted solution is used as a method for cleaning natural dreads and can be used on synthetic dreads as well. This solution is a deep cleaning method and requires following directions online to a ‘T’. It cannot be used very often due to its nature and can decrease the lifespan of your set, making it stiff and brittle.

Neutral / Untested:
Essential Oils – While I understand the apprehension to using essential oils near your new dreads, I see no harm in doing so as long as very little is applied. It may be beneficial if you would like to cover up certain smells or simply want an interesting fragrance.

Not Safe / Not Recommended:
Conditioner (ANY Brand) – Conditioner is not safe to use on your new synthetic dreads due to its oily and slick nature. It can cause many problems for your new set and should be avoided.