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LaetiLocs Etsy Shop Vs. LaetiLocs Website

November 2016 & August 2018

Before Etsy, LaetiLocs didn’t exist. All of our services and products were made and sold on the online social media platform known as “VK” under a totally different name, hence why you’ve probably seen a “Pandora” watermark on our oldest images. Our Etsy business was created in November of 2016 in order to start selling our products internationally and without the limitations of a social media platform. From then until August of 2018, we struggled with slightly looser yet still strict constraints of a third party platform. From increasing advertising costs to decreasing visits for seemingly no reason, we needed a better solution for the world to see our custom sets. In August of 2018, we (mostly Caleb) developed our webstore at This site included all of our products along with our ever-growing color palettes. It’s still being updated almost daily and makes ordering custom sets online easier than ever before.

If you’ve perused both our Etsy shop and our site, you’re probably wondering why you should use one over the other, and that’s a perfectly valid question that we’re here to answer. Our website not only offers MANY more customization options, but it also allows us to add a plentiful amount of products that we cannot bring to Etsy, including more designer sets, more pre-made items, and even cheaper sets such as our ombre products.

Why Our Website Works

Many people may choose Etsy simply due to the consumer protections Etsy has in place, and that makes sense. With that said, it’s important to note that due to our online payment platforms, Square and PayPal, the same if not better protections are active for each order. For more information on our policies and your protections, you can read our short terms and conditions page. Our website is built with security in mind, and we care very much that everyone feels safe ordering from us here. We have an SSL certificate courtesy of Siteground, our hosting provider, and Let’s Encrypt, a world-renowned https provider. Every page forces https, so your personal information is always safe. Additionally, we always try to remain responsive from the time the order is placed until it is delivered to you. We know that a 6 week processing time is long, and we don’t expect you to wait until your set is delivered to message us. You’re welcome to message us any time for updates, to change details, or simply to talk about synthetic dreads. We won’t ignore you, and if we don’t reply, it’s because we haven’t seen your message yet. Our previous customers can attest to this fact as well. Many of the feedback we receive is about our customer service, and it’s one area where we really try to give it our all. We know how hard it is to trust smaller businesses on the internet, especially when they’re on their own website, and we definitely want to be seen as a trustworthy brand.

Etsy doesn’t play nice when it comes to custom items, unfortunately. We are very limited in how many questions we can ask and even how long each question can be. That’s one thing we LOVE about our new website. We always love to hear from you, but it shouldn’t take a lengthy exchange of emails for someone familiar with synthetic dreads to know that they would like their set to be single-ended or to have curly tips. These are questions we are able to ask on our website, which means less typing for you (especially on mobile devices) and more dread-making for us.

One of the worst things about Etsy in recent years is the sheer amount of fees associated with selling there. At the current rate, almost 1/10th of your money spent on a new set on Etsy goes straight back to them in some way and not towards actually making your set. Our payment providers also take a small percentage, but it’s much less and is one of the reasons we are able to have cheaper products on our website, such as our listing for extensions or our listing for ombre sets. We are already selling ourselves short with these, and it’s quite possible we could be selling these items at a loss on Etsy.

Of course, we are always grateful for Etsy allowing us to grow our business in such a way that no other platform would, and we are happy for clients from both. Our clients’ sets are made with just as much blood, sweat, and tears whether they are from Etsy or our website. While we don’t put in quite as much effort in maintaining our Etsy shop as we used to, it doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere anytime soon, quite the contrary. Once our website is up and running with all of our planned features (An article on that is to come later), we will devote our attention to both equally.