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LaetiLocs Etsy Changes

What We Are Doing

One of the defining factors of LaetiLocs has always been the ability to build any set that you can imagine. We are well-known for being one of the few online dreadshops that allows complete customization of a new set. We have always loved offering this service as many of our most gorgeous sets have been made for online clients. With that said, it’s no secret that we do not get on well with the lack of customization allowed on Etsy. We simply can’t create the type of listings we can here on This is why we’ve decided that within the next couple of weeks, all custom listings on Etsy (with the exclusion of a few) will be replaced with designer sets and most custom sets will be site-exclusive. This allows us to better control the prices so you don’t overpay, to add as many options as we’d like, and for you to checkout with your preferred method, not PayPal and ‘Other’, as Etsy puts it. We know this is a pretty massive change, so we’re ready to answer any questions not covered in this post. Head on over to our contact page to get in touch!

If You are Coming From Etsy for Custom Sets,

then the process will remain the same for you. The only difference is that you’ll be contacting us via Email instead of Etsy conversations. If the conversations are more comfortable for you, we’re still happy to use them as a form of communication, but the actual order will need to be placed on This is actually much more convenient for you, as you won’t need to deal with a severe lack of checkout options that Etsy does not allow us to have access to (US only methods). Additionally, our site has a much simpler and clearer product page with all of the options and information at-hand, not hidden in sub-menus or excluded due to “max characters reached”. You’ll also have access to our rewards program, where buying just a single set is enough to garner an awesome reward or two.

If You are Wondering Where to Buy Designer Sets,

the site and Etsy will continue to have identical prices. While most sales are going to be site-specific, the prices will not change. Designer sets available both here and Etsy will have the same options for the same prices as before. It’s up to whichever platform is more convenient for you. Please do note that purchases made on Etsy will not be included in our rewards program unless you have an account on our site. We still have to put that information in manually, so you may need to remind us if you’ve ordered on Etsy.

If You’re Waiting to Receive Your Custom Set From Etsy,

don’t worry! It’s still being made or on its way. All orders of custom sets will still of course be fulfilled. Everything will continue to run as normal on Etsy. The only difference will be the listing overhaul. Existing orders won’t be affected in any way.


We still love selling on Etsy and want to be sure that we are able to provide our services to the best of our ability. We just know that our pricing structure doesn’t work too well with Etsy’s current system, and we realize that sometimes we tend to overcharge or undercharge simply due to Etsy’s limitations regarding variations and customization options. Designer sets will remain on Etsy as will a single custom listing set. That listing will function the same way our site does, with length and color count determining the price.