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Ecologically Conscious Dreads With LaetiLocs


This is a bit of an unconventional post and not the one I intended to release this week, but this is something that is very important to us here. If you’ve ever purchased one of our sets, please take a couple of minutes to read about what you can do with your old LaetiLocs materials.

We Love the Earth!

Protecting the environment is something that most people care about, and here at LaetiLocs, we are no exception. One of the things we love about our dreads and the materials we use is that the vast majority of them are re-usable, right down to the packaging we use. If you’ve ever received a package from LaetiLocs, you’ll notice that the packaging material we use is either recyclable or reusable by you. Our planet is precious to us, and it’s on us to ensure that it stays that way.

The Earth Loves LaetiLocs

The first and foremost greatest thing about synthetic dreads is their re-usability. The sets that we make are high quality enough to be worn over and over again without the need to trash them and order more later. We design our sets to last nearly a lifetime. Even better, if your set is destroyed in some way, the material is synthetic plastic. This is a recyclable material that you can put in your recycle bin at home.

We encourage you to recycle all of the materials that our sets come with. This includes our classic paper wrap paper and our rope/thank you tag. It’s all recyclable, and we’d hate for it to end up in a landfill somewhere!

Below are two of our three birds, Lucy and Elby, and they also wanted to remind you of how important it is to recycle your LaetiLocs materials, just like they do!

Recycling Centers Map

Click here to find recycling centers near you