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The LaetiLocs Lateness of 2019

The Past Few Weeks

The past few weeks have been very eventful for us here at LaetiLocs. One of us is currently out of the country for a while, and the other has been working tirelessly on getting things caught up. You’ll know if you ordered in July and August, chances are your set is either late or behind schedule to be shipped according to your order date on Etsy or our website. This is a first for us as we have never been this late on this many sets before, and we’ve even had to lengthen our processing time temporarily. We have run behind a few days on some sets in the past, but we know that some of you have been waiting weeks, and we want to sincerely apologize for those affected, but rest assured we are working very hard on getting your set to you as soon as possible. If you would like an update or need a rough shipping date, you’re welcome to email us or contact us however you’d like. In addition, you may have seen our new dreadwaves option in our store. If you’d like to switch your set into this new style, you’re welcome to do so as this new way of making sets takes half the time it does to make a regular set. Simply contact us if you’d like to switch styles. We also wanted to note that while we’re still happily accepting all orders, we are not running ads anywhere until we are caught up.

The Next Few Weeks

Within the next few weeks, and most likely before October ends, we are planning to be all caught up on sets and sent out to you. This is the primary focus of Laeti (Vera), our dreadmaker. Caleb is currently out of the country and is working remotely on things like the website and answering messages. He should be back on location in around a month or so. We will also be working on some website changes during the next few weeks, and we have a few new things coming that anyone who makes dreads of any type may be interested in, so stay tuned for that. One last thing that will be changing in the next few weeks will be our processing times. Once things are caught up, we will be drastically reducing them to be more reasonable. We will also start adding an option for expedited shipping at checkout. Our expedited shipping option takes around 7-10 days to arrive anywhere in the world, which means some types sets could be in your hands within 2 weeks.

Our Autumn sale has been postponed slightly this year compared to the time we ran it last year, but it will be returning soon, sometime in October. We aren’t quite ready for that, and we don’t want to run a sale while our current schedule is so far behind.

The Rest of the Year

After we are all caught up, we will be doing some pretty big things behind the scenes. Firstly, we plan on adding some new members to our dreadmaker crew. We would like to have one person come aboard, but we may have more depending on what’s next for us. More dreadmakers mean you get your sets in half the time. Secondly, we’re planning on adding more dread options to our site and expanding beyond synthetic dreads. With that said, synthetic dreads will always be our specialty, regardless of what else we decide would fit in our store. We hope you have a fantastic October, and we once again want to apologize for the lateness of our current orders.