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Upcoming Changes to LaetiLocs Pricing

In January 2020, our prices are changing

Every year, we at LaetiLocs take the time to reflect on our previous year and how we can improve as a business. This year has had many ups and downs, some of which we are still feeling and dealing with now. At the beginning of last year we increased our prices in order to accommodate our free shipping offer. Our shipping costs ~$10 for set, so we increased our prices by $5 in order to try and absorb some of these costs. However, that means that we are still paying out of pocket the additional $5. Along with this, we also have absorbed the costs for additional colors and lengths. Each additional color for a set will cost us at least $7 if not more while we only charge $5, and longer lengths drastically increase the shipping costs. This is not including our Etsy fees and advertising fees, which are ~5% of each order. We’ve learned this past year that we can no longer remain sustainable if we keep absorbing these types of fees. By the end of January, we will be updating our pricing structure so that we will be less burdened attempting to absorb these fees than we are now. Basically, we aren’t trying to gain more profit; We are simply trying to avoid paying out of pocket for larger sets.

Here’s how it’ll work:

We will not be changing our prices for sets that only require one color and are 15 inches or less. This includes sets such as Jalmari and Plum, along with ombre sets like Black Widow and Horizons that are made with premade color patterned material. We will continue to absorb fees associated with these sets at the mentioned lengths.

Sets that include additional colors, such as Ashes or Greased Lightning, will increase in price by $10 for any length between 15 and 20 inches. This will cover the cost of the additional material as well as the Etsy fee assocated with it.

All sets that are 20 inches in length will increase in price by an additional $10. For example, an ashes set that is 25 inches will increase in price by a total of $20 so that we will no longer absorb any fees associated with manufacturing the set. A longer set requires much more time and energy to make, so we believe that we should be fairly compensated for said sets.

How we will compensate you for changing our prices:

As many of you know, we have introduced several new methods for receiving your sets sooner than our regular wait time. We now offer the option to receive any set in the dreadwisp style, decreasing your processing time to as little at 2 weeks (depending on the set and the material required for it). We also offer an expedited processing time for a small fee depending on the size of your set.

We will continue to provide the best customer service in the business along with high quality sets and a wide range of choices for you to consider. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us and sent us love on our social media. We are forever grateful. And thank you for understanding why our prices needed to increase for a second year in a row.