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COVID-19 – LaetiLocs Changes

Hair Supplier Changes

Due to the quarantine here, our hair supplier has closed their physical storefronts. Lucky for us, they are still delivering material. However, this means that we are waiting on bulks of material to arrive. This has put quite a dent in our working schedule as we can’t predict when our material for working will arrive. However, we are still working with the material as we receive, so we are still making sets.

Post Office Changes

Our local post offices have not only dramatically decreased their working hours, they’ve also limited how often we are allowed to go. We are currently making one post office trip a week, which means that sets are only going out on one day each week. We are bulk sending all of the sets made that week on that day. Additionally, they are not working on Saturdays or past 5:00 P.M.

Sets are Still Being Sent

We know that many sets are overdue right now, and we are doing our best to get them out as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience as we work through this difficult time, and please stay indoors and safe!

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Keeping Clean – Washing Your Dreads

Keep It Clean

With everything going on in the world, one of the most important things we can all do is keep it clean. Washing your hands and face every time you return home is very important right now. In the same spirit, today’s topic will cover all the need-to-know tips and tricks for keeping your dreads squeaky clean without damaging them.

Conditioner – No-Go

One of the most common mistakes dread-wearers make when washing their synthetic dreads is using conditioner. After all, it seems so harmless to use something we all use on our hair normally. However, conditioner causes the synthetic hair to behave like real hair and become silky smooth, undoing the dreaded hairs (similar to what can happen with natural dreads). Kanekalon, the material we use, behaves very much like natural hair, so it’s important to always keep this in mind when using products on your new dreads.

Shampoos – Brands to Buy

When choosing a shampoo for your dreads, you need only to ask one questions: “Do I like the smell?”. Any brand of shampoo is perfectly safe for your synthetic dreads so long as it doesn’t have conditioner in it (Sorry 2-n-1’s).

Washing Your Dreads

It’s important to remember that washing your dreads too often can result in them untangling or having other complications. I recommend washing them around once every 7 days, but you are safe to wash them every 5 days, especially if you have an annoyingly itchy scalp.

When washing your dreads, gently lather them in your shampoo of choice. Then rinse as normal. There is no super secret method to washing them correctly as long as you aren’t too rough on them.

Wrapping Up

Washing dreads is as simple as washing your own hair; You just have to do it less often and more gently. Keeping clean now is more important than ever.

Are you interested in getting your own set of synthetic dreads? If you’re tired of bad hair days, check out some of our favorite sets below!

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Upcoming Changes to LaetiLocs Pricing

In January 2020, our prices are changing

Every year, we at LaetiLocs take the time to reflect on our previous year and how we can improve as a business. This year has had many ups and downs, some of which we are still feeling and dealing with now. At the beginning of last year we increased our prices in order to accommodate our free shipping offer. Our shipping costs ~$10 for set, so we increased our prices by $5 in order to try and absorb some of these costs. However, that means that we are still paying out of pocket the additional $5. Along with this, we also have absorbed the costs for additional colors and lengths. Each additional color for a set will cost us at least $7 if not more while we only charge $5, and longer lengths drastically increase the shipping costs. This is not including our Etsy fees and advertising fees, which are ~5% of each order. We’ve learned this past year that we can no longer remain sustainable if we keep absorbing these types of fees. By the end of January, we will be updating our pricing structure so that we will be less burdened attempting to absorb these fees than we are now. Basically, we aren’t trying to gain more profit; We are simply trying to avoid paying out of pocket for larger sets.

Here’s how it’ll work:

We will not be changing our prices for sets that only require one color and are 15 inches or less. This includes sets such as Jalmari and Plum, along with ombre sets like Black Widow and Horizons that are made with premade color patterned material. We will continue to absorb fees associated with these sets at the mentioned lengths.

Sets that include additional colors, such as Ashes or Greased Lightning, will increase in price by $10 for any length between 15 and 20 inches. This will cover the cost of the additional material as well as the Etsy fee assocated with it.

All sets that are 20 inches in length will increase in price by an additional $10. For example, an ashes set that is 25 inches will increase in price by a total of $20 so that we will no longer absorb any fees associated with manufacturing the set. A longer set requires much more time and energy to make, so we believe that we should be fairly compensated for said sets.

How we will compensate you for changing our prices:

As many of you know, we have introduced several new methods for receiving your sets sooner than our regular wait time. We now offer the option to receive any set in the dreadwisp style, decreasing your processing time to as little at 2 weeks (depending on the set and the material required for it). We also offer an expedited processing time for a small fee depending on the size of your set.

We will continue to provide the best customer service in the business along with high quality sets and a wide range of choices for you to consider. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us and sent us love on our social media. We are forever grateful. And thank you for understanding why our prices needed to increase for a second year in a row.

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Wisps: The Lightest Sensation at LaetiLocs

Dreadwisps – The Ideal Synthetic Dreads

Dreadwisps are the newest style available here at LaetiLocs, but what makes them so great? You may have even noticed recently that I’ve been wearing a set myself. I can talk about how great they are all day, but why not show you? Synthetic dreadwisps are the perfect dreads due to their light feel, lack of pull on your hair, their excellent look, and their fast processing time.

After Installation
Before Installation

What Makes Them so Darn Light?

When I make dreadwisps, the method of production is very different from my classic crochet style. This method, while maintaining the same voluminous look as classic crochet dreads, uses less hair. This leads to the light feel that everyone loves about these dreads. Take a look at the pictures below. You’d be hard-pressed to find any major difference in looks. On the right we have my classic crocheted synthetic dreads, and on the left, we have my new dreadwisps. The one on the left has a processing time 3-4 weeks LESS than the one on the right, feels lighter, and won’t have the heavy feeling all dreads have, regardless of the material used, from wool to synthetic hair.

Dreadwisps are not only light; They are also incredibly smooth and feel wonderful to wear. Whether you’re sleeping, traipsing through the woods, doing a photoshoot, or relaxing on the couch, you won’t feel any of the associated discomfort from your dreads. This has been one of my biggest pluses while wearing them.

Classic Crocheted Dreads

Why Do Dreadwisps Look So Darn Good?

When I unveiled my new dreadwaves style, the reception was rather quiet. When I sat down with my husband and business partner to go over possible reasons for this, we were able to put the puzzle pieces together and see that dreadwaves weren’t popular due to their distinct look. They look nothing like what our customers expect to see when they picture synthetic dreads, or any type of dreads for that matter.


When I unveiled dreadwisps, however, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. I took the time to perfect my method for this style and made myself a set to show off. I offered the option locally first, and many of my previous clients have purchased and had a dreadwisp style installed. They are all crazy in love with it and many say they won’t go back to any other style of dreads.

Now I am offering dreadwisps for any set online! And if you’re still not sold, then I’ve saved the best for last: The processing time.

Why Are Wisps So Voluminous?

Dreadwisps are also very voluminous compared to classic crochet synthetic dreads. If you have a look at the pictures above in the first section, you’ll notice just how thick and wonderful the dreadwisps look. This is again due to how they are made and their loose style.

Freshly Installed Dreadwisps

Why Do Dreadwisps Ship So Darn Fast?

One of the biggest benefits of my method for making these amazing new sets is that they aren’t nearly as time consuming to create, which means that I can get them to you faster. Our processing time for classic crochet sets is currently 5-7 weeks while the dreadwisp sets ship in as little at 1-3 weeks! That means less time waiting for your set and more time wearing it. Seriously, what’s not to love?

What’s Not To Love?

You can’t go wrong with dreadwisps, but if you’re still skeptical, you can try them for even less. Our new set customization process (that you can find on any set here) allows you to purchase a set for as little at $25. Additionally, with our easy exchange program, if you dislike your dreadwisp set for any reason (We guarantee you won’t!), we will remake your set in the crocheted style for no extra cost. There’s no risk in trying our amazing new style, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now right here.

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Synthetic Dreads – Terms and Their Meanings

The Wonderful World Of Misunderstandings

I’ve made a ton of synthetic dreads over the years, and that means I’ve done a lot of communicating as well. One of the most common occurrences among communication between my customers and me is the misuse of terms. It’s lead to many an issue, especially when some of the details get muddled. Many people and even other dreadmakers tend to misunderstand some of the terms used when describing synthetic dreads, and I think it’s important that everyone is on the same page so the set you receive is the set you wanted.

What Does it Mean?

Synthetic Dread Extensions – This is one of the most misused terms I hear here at LaetiLocs. Many people tend to use this phrase when they are describing sets of synthetic dreads. The problem is that the word ‘extensions’ implies that you need something to extend onto! If you ask your dreadmaker for “synthetic dread extensions”, you may end up receiving a set that is meant to be installed into existing dreads, and that’s no good if you don’t already have dreads in your hair.

Loose Ends / Whispy Ends – Loose ends on synthetic dreads are undreaded ends and appear more whispy than if they were dreaded all the way down. I’ve actually had requests for whispy ends or non-whispy ends when the opposite was wanted.

Crochet Dreads – Crochet dreads simply refer to a style of making synthetic dreads. Dreads made with a crochet are typically much more held together than those made from other styles, such as handrolling. I make my dreads with a crochet, which is why many of our customers compliment our quality. It is a much longer process, but the result is always worth it as crochet sets can last a lifetime. To summarize, crochet dreads is a misnomer and only refers to how the dreadmaker makes the dreads.

Smooth Dreads – Smooth dreads are another style of synthetic dreads that I frequently use here. Smooth dreads typically do not have as much frizzled hair as crocheted dreads do, and the styles ultimately boil down to which one you prefer the look of.

Single-Ended Dreads vs. Double-Ended Dreads – This one is a doozy because both of these choices differ but don’t really have much impact on the final look of your synthetic dreads. Single-ended synthetic dreads have a loop on the end that hair is pulled into to install. Double-ended dreads have two ends and a fold in the middle that is folded into hair to install. Single-ended sets typically come with 70 – 90 single-ended pieces while double-ended sets typically come with 30 – 45 double-ended pieces. I always recommended double-ended sets for synthetic dread newcomers as they’re easier to install and uninstall.

Knowing Terms Saves Sets

Knowing the terms and their proper meanings can save you a ton of time and help you make informed choices about your new sets of synthetic dreads. If there’s ever a word that your dreadmaker uses and that you don’t know the meaning of, it never hurts to ask. I love answering questions and helping you design the set you’ve always wanted.