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COVID-19 – LaetiLocs Changes

Hair Supplier Changes

Due to the quarantine here, our hair supplier has closed their physical storefronts. Lucky for us, they are still delivering material. However, this means that we are waiting on bulks of material to arrive. This has put quite a dent in our working schedule as we can’t predict when our material for working will arrive. However, we are still working with the material as we receive, so we are still making sets.

Post Office Changes

Our local post offices have not only dramatically decreased their working hours, they’ve also limited how often we are allowed to go. We are currently making one post office trip a week, which means that sets are only going out on one day each week. We are bulk sending all of the sets made that week on that day. Additionally, they are not working on Saturdays or past 5:00 P.M.

Sets are Still Being Sent

We know that many sets are overdue right now, and we are doing our best to get them out as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience as we work through this difficult time, and please stay indoors and safe!

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Wisps: The Lightest Sensation at LaetiLocs

Dreadwisps – The Ideal Synthetic Dreads

Dreadwisps are the newest style available here at LaetiLocs, but what makes them so great? You may have even noticed recently that I’ve been wearing a set myself. I can talk about how great they are all day, but why not show you? Synthetic dreadwisps are the perfect dreads due to their light feel, lack of pull on your hair, their excellent look, and their fast processing time.

After Installation
Before Installation

What Makes Them so Darn Light?

When I make dreadwisps, the method of production is very different from my classic crochet style. This method, while maintaining the same voluminous look as classic crochet dreads, uses less hair. This leads to the light feel that everyone loves about these dreads. Take a look at the pictures below. You’d be hard-pressed to find any major difference in looks. On the right we have my classic crocheted synthetic dreads, and on the left, we have my new dreadwisps. The one on the left has a processing time 3-4 weeks LESS than the one on the right, feels lighter, and won’t have the heavy feeling all dreads have, regardless of the material used, from wool to synthetic hair.

Dreadwisps are not only light; They are also incredibly smooth and feel wonderful to wear. Whether you’re sleeping, traipsing through the woods, doing a photoshoot, or relaxing on the couch, you won’t feel any of the associated discomfort from your dreads. This has been one of my biggest pluses while wearing them.

Classic Crocheted Dreads

Why Do Dreadwisps Look So Darn Good?

When I unveiled my new dreadwaves style, the reception was rather quiet. When I sat down with my husband and business partner to go over possible reasons for this, we were able to put the puzzle pieces together and see that dreadwaves weren’t popular due to their distinct look. They look nothing like what our customers expect to see when they picture synthetic dreads, or any type of dreads for that matter.


When I unveiled dreadwisps, however, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. I took the time to perfect my method for this style and made myself a set to show off. I offered the option locally first, and many of my previous clients have purchased and had a dreadwisp style installed. They are all crazy in love with it and many say they won’t go back to any other style of dreads.

Now I am offering dreadwisps for any set online! And if you’re still not sold, then I’ve saved the best for last: The processing time.

Why Are Wisps So Voluminous?

Dreadwisps are also very voluminous compared to classic crochet synthetic dreads. If you have a look at the pictures above in the first section, you’ll notice just how thick and wonderful the dreadwisps look. This is again due to how they are made and their loose style.

Freshly Installed Dreadwisps

Why Do Dreadwisps Ship So Darn Fast?

One of the biggest benefits of my method for making these amazing new sets is that they aren’t nearly as time consuming to create, which means that I can get them to you faster. Our processing time for classic crochet sets is currently 5-7 weeks while the dreadwisp sets ship in as little at 1-3 weeks! That means less time waiting for your set and more time wearing it. Seriously, what’s not to love?

What’s Not To Love?

You can’t go wrong with dreadwisps, but if you’re still skeptical, you can try them for even less. Our new set customization process (that you can find on any set here) allows you to purchase a set for as little at $25. Additionally, with our easy exchange program, if you dislike your dreadwisp set for any reason (We guarantee you won’t!), we will remake your set in the crocheted style for no extra cost. There’s no risk in trying our amazing new style, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now right here.

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The LaetiLocs Lateness of 2019

The Past Few Weeks

The past few weeks have been very eventful for us here at LaetiLocs. One of us is currently out of the country for a while, and the other has been working tirelessly on getting things caught up. You’ll know if you ordered in July and August, chances are your set is either late or behind schedule to be shipped according to your order date on Etsy or our website. This is a first for us as we have never been this late on this many sets before, and we’ve even had to lengthen our processing time temporarily. We have run behind a few days on some sets in the past, but we know that some of you have been waiting weeks, and we want to sincerely apologize for those affected, but rest assured we are working very hard on getting your set to you as soon as possible. If you would like an update or need a rough shipping date, you’re welcome to email us or contact us however you’d like. In addition, you may have seen our new dreadwaves option in our store. If you’d like to switch your set into this new style, you’re welcome to do so as this new way of making sets takes half the time it does to make a regular set. Simply contact us if you’d like to switch styles. We also wanted to note that while we’re still happily accepting all orders, we are not running ads anywhere until we are caught up.

The Next Few Weeks

Within the next few weeks, and most likely before October ends, we are planning to be all caught up on sets and sent out to you. This is the primary focus of Laeti (Vera), our dreadmaker. Caleb is currently out of the country and is working remotely on things like the website and answering messages. He should be back on location in around a month or so. We will also be working on some website changes during the next few weeks, and we have a few new things coming that anyone who makes dreads of any type may be interested in, so stay tuned for that. One last thing that will be changing in the next few weeks will be our processing times. Once things are caught up, we will be drastically reducing them to be more reasonable. We will also start adding an option for expedited shipping at checkout. Our expedited shipping option takes around 7-10 days to arrive anywhere in the world, which means some types sets could be in your hands within 2 weeks.

Our Autumn sale has been postponed slightly this year compared to the time we ran it last year, but it will be returning soon, sometime in October. We aren’t quite ready for that, and we don’t want to run a sale while our current schedule is so far behind.

The Rest of the Year

After we are all caught up, we will be doing some pretty big things behind the scenes. Firstly, we plan on adding some new members to our dreadmaker crew. We would like to have one person come aboard, but we may have more depending on what’s next for us. More dreadmakers mean you get your sets in half the time. Secondly, we’re planning on adding more dread options to our site and expanding beyond synthetic dreads. With that said, synthetic dreads will always be our specialty, regardless of what else we decide would fit in our store. We hope you have a fantastic October, and we once again want to apologize for the lateness of our current orders.

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LaetiLocs Etsy Changes

What We Are Doing

One of the defining factors of LaetiLocs has always been the ability to build any set that you can imagine. We are well-known for being one of the few online dreadshops that allows complete customization of a new set. We have always loved offering this service as many of our most gorgeous sets have been made for online clients. With that said, it’s no secret that we do not get on well with the lack of customization allowed on Etsy. We simply can’t create the type of listings we can here on This is why we’ve decided that within the next couple of weeks, all custom listings on Etsy (with the exclusion of a few) will be replaced with designer sets and most custom sets will be site-exclusive. This allows us to better control the prices so you don’t overpay, to add as many options as we’d like, and for you to checkout with your preferred method, not PayPal and ‘Other’, as Etsy puts it. We know this is a pretty massive change, so we’re ready to answer any questions not covered in this post. Head on over to our contact page to get in touch!

If You are Coming From Etsy for Custom Sets,

then the process will remain the same for you. The only difference is that you’ll be contacting us via Email instead of Etsy conversations. If the conversations are more comfortable for you, we’re still happy to use them as a form of communication, but the actual order will need to be placed on This is actually much more convenient for you, as you won’t need to deal with a severe lack of checkout options that Etsy does not allow us to have access to (US only methods). Additionally, our site has a much simpler and clearer product page with all of the options and information at-hand, not hidden in sub-menus or excluded due to “max characters reached”. You’ll also have access to our rewards program, where buying just a single set is enough to garner an awesome reward or two.

If You are Wondering Where to Buy Designer Sets,

the site and Etsy will continue to have identical prices. While most sales are going to be site-specific, the prices will not change. Designer sets available both here and Etsy will have the same options for the same prices as before. It’s up to whichever platform is more convenient for you. Please do note that purchases made on Etsy will not be included in our rewards program unless you have an account on our site. We still have to put that information in manually, so you may need to remind us if you’ve ordered on Etsy.

If You’re Waiting to Receive Your Custom Set From Etsy,

don’t worry! It’s still being made or on its way. All orders of custom sets will still of course be fulfilled. Everything will continue to run as normal on Etsy. The only difference will be the listing overhaul. Existing orders won’t be affected in any way.


We still love selling on Etsy and want to be sure that we are able to provide our services to the best of our ability. We just know that our pricing structure doesn’t work too well with Etsy’s current system, and we realize that sometimes we tend to overcharge or undercharge simply due to Etsy’s limitations regarding variations and customization options. Designer sets will remain on Etsy as will a single custom listing set. That listing will function the same way our site does, with length and color count determining the price.

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Dreads Are For Everyone

Your Style is As Unique As You

One of my favorite things about making synthetic dreads for my clients is how beautifully unique every set turns out. I make one set at a time, and the same amount of love and care is put into each one to ensure they look and feel their best.

There’s something else equally unique and beautiful in this world, and that’s you. Your clothes, your hair, and your style are the parts of you that you can customize to your heart’s content to make you you. In online games, people spend a plentiful amount of hours and money customizing their characters to their heart’s content.

A Brief History Lesson…

Hair styles have been used as a sign of leadership, to make social statements, and even as art since the dawn of humanity. Dreadlocks are no exception to this. From the Ancient Greeks, to the Viking Age, to the Plains of Africa, to even the hippie movement in the US during the 1960’s, dreads have been one of many amazing hairstyles with deep cultural roots.

Spartan Hoplite in Locs

More than half of the Greek statues found from 615 – 485 B.C. wore their hair in dreadlocks according to “Athens and the Peloponnese” by Rick Steves. In Ancient Africa, different styles of dreadlocks were worn by different tribes to distinguish from each other. The Hindu Veda, their scripture, provides the earliest known evidence of the existence of dreadlocks. In the 1960’s – 1970’s, dreadlocks were worn as a social statement by thousands in the US.

The point I want to get across with this post is that dreadlocks, like every other hairstyle in existence, isn’t specific to one culture or sub-culture. Their existence is comparable to that of the pyramid design. Pyramids were built by The Mayans, the Aztecs, in Egypt, in Eastern Europe, and more due to the strong and large foundation the pyramid shape provides.

But… My Vodka!

Russian Vodka

My culture is famous for vodka, a strong alcoholic drink from the 14th century. The name, “Vodka”, is derived from the Russian word for “Water”: “Voda” or “Вода”. Everyone who’s adopted vodka into their culture of alcoholism is adopting something from Russian culture whether they want to admit it or not. Sorry, Westerners, but vodka is ours!

This mentality clearly isn’t sound and doesn’t hold up very well, but this is essentially the same type of argument we’re hearing about synthetic dreads, with some of our clients being harassed in PM’s about getting them. Claiming a monopoly on something such as a hairstyle doesn’t just cause rifts where they don’t need to exist, it also sends a message that using anything from anyone’s culture is off-limits, and that doesn’t make a ton of sense in today’s world as long as it’s not meant to be offensive.

In Closing

One of our clients in their new hair

Globalization is a beautiful thing and suppressing the cultural blending it creates could be more of a hindrance than we realize. Many parts of American culture that we’ve grown to love in Europe wouldn’t exist here if we were barred from enjoying them. The same can be said for the hundreds of European cultures that the US adopted from its immigrants during the 20th century. Dreads are for everyone around the world, just like they were for their ancestors.

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LaetiLocs Etsy Shop Vs. LaetiLocs Website

November 2016 & August 2018

Before Etsy, LaetiLocs didn’t exist. All of our services and products were made and sold on the online social media platform known as “VK” under a totally different name, hence why you’ve probably seen a “Pandora” watermark on our oldest images. Our Etsy business was created in November of 2016 in order to start selling our products internationally and without the limitations of a social media platform. From then until August of 2018, we struggled with slightly looser yet still strict constraints of a third party platform. From increasing advertising costs to decreasing visits for seemingly no reason, we needed a better solution for the world to see our custom sets. In August of 2018, we (mostly Caleb) developed our webstore at This site included all of our products along with our ever-growing color palettes. It’s still being updated almost daily and makes ordering custom sets online easier than ever before.

If you’ve perused both our Etsy shop and our site, you’re probably wondering why you should use one over the other, and that’s a perfectly valid question that we’re here to answer. Our website not only offers MANY more customization options, but it also allows us to add a plentiful amount of products that we cannot bring to Etsy, including more designer sets, more pre-made items, and even cheaper sets such as our ombre products.

Why Our Website Works

Many people may choose Etsy simply due to the consumer protections Etsy has in place, and that makes sense. With that said, it’s important to note that due to our online payment platforms, Square and PayPal, the same if not better protections are active for each order. For more information on our policies and your protections, you can read our short terms and conditions page. Our website is built with security in mind, and we care very much that everyone feels safe ordering from us here. We have an SSL certificate courtesy of Siteground, our hosting provider, and Let’s Encrypt, a world-renowned https provider. Every page forces https, so your personal information is always safe. Additionally, we always try to remain responsive from the time the order is placed until it is delivered to you. We know that a 6 week processing time is long, and we don’t expect you to wait until your set is delivered to message us. You’re welcome to message us any time for updates, to change details, or simply to talk about synthetic dreads. We won’t ignore you, and if we don’t reply, it’s because we haven’t seen your message yet. Our previous customers can attest to this fact as well. Many of the feedback we receive is about our customer service, and it’s one area where we really try to give it our all. We know how hard it is to trust smaller businesses on the internet, especially when they’re on their own website, and we definitely want to be seen as a trustworthy brand.

Etsy doesn’t play nice when it comes to custom items, unfortunately. We are very limited in how many questions we can ask and even how long each question can be. That’s one thing we LOVE about our new website. We always love to hear from you, but it shouldn’t take a lengthy exchange of emails for someone familiar with synthetic dreads to know that they would like their set to be single-ended or to have curly tips. These are questions we are able to ask on our website, which means less typing for you (especially on mobile devices) and more dread-making for us.

One of the worst things about Etsy in recent years is the sheer amount of fees associated with selling there. At the current rate, almost 1/10th of your money spent on a new set on Etsy goes straight back to them in some way and not towards actually making your set. Our payment providers also take a small percentage, but it’s much less and is one of the reasons we are able to have cheaper products on our website, such as our listing for extensions or our listing for ombre sets. We are already selling ourselves short with these, and it’s quite possible we could be selling these items at a loss on Etsy.

Of course, we are always grateful for Etsy allowing us to grow our business in such a way that no other platform would, and we are happy for clients from both. Our clients’ sets are made with just as much blood, sweat, and tears whether they are from Etsy or our website. While we don’t put in quite as much effort in maintaining our Etsy shop as we used to, it doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere anytime soon, quite the contrary. Once our website is up and running with all of our planned features (An article on that is to come later), we will devote our attention to both equally.