Color Palette

Original Color Palette

Please select a category of colors below before using the search bar. Scroll down for our ombre palette and a link to our luminescent palette (colors that glow in the dark). We will be updating the luminescent palette to the new system soon, but it is still viewable in its previous form.
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Additional Color Palettes

You can search for a color or color type by using the search box on the right and can use descriptive phrases such as "bright pink" or "red to black". In order to see a color's ID number on mobile, you can hold your finger on the color, or you can open the color by tapping it. The color ID and its keywords will be displayed. On desktop, simply mouse over the color to see its ID. If you have any questions about colors or need any assistance choosing them, please contact us at We are always happy to help!These colors cannot be used to make twisted or smooth dreads.

Luminescent Colors