LaetiLocs Layaway

New dreads shouldn’t need to put a dent in your finances. We know that whether you buy online or offline, the amount of work and material for your dreadmaker is the same, and things can get pricey.

Introducing LaetiLocs Layaway

We are happy to announce our new and improved partial payment system: LaetiLocs Layaway, or L-away for short. We’ve essentially taken our current partial payment system and added new benefits for you to make things even easier!

As those of you who’ve used our partial payment system before know, we use PayPal invoices that allow the use of partial payments. This is a very secure and easy to use method for most everyone as you don’t need a PayPal account to access or pay these.

The biggest change we’re instilling is our tier system and processing time change. Previously, if you used partial payments, your processing time did not begin until the invoice was paid in full. Considering our processing times can fluctuate weeks at a time depending on our workload, the time can get pretty lengthy depending on how long you take to pay it off. Here’s how we’re going to handle these payments going forward:

Express LaetiLocs Layaway Form

You may specify details for a custom set or name a designer set. If you'd like a custom set, please specify the colors and length as these determine the total price.

How it Works

Once the invoice is 50% paid upon being sent,

your processing time will start from this point on. For example, if you pay 50% of the invoice right away, your processing time will begin that day.

If your invoice is paid up to 50% within 3 weeks,

your processing time will be shortened by 3 weeks.

Due Dates and Time Limits

There are no time restrictions or due dates on L-away. You may pay any amount at any time. Your payment does not expire, either.

Get Dreads Without Dreading Your Bank Account

Thanks to our new LaetiLocs Layaway, you can get any set your heart desires without worrying about putting a dent in your bank account. From designer sets to custom sets, any of our gorgeous sets can be invoiced. To get started, simply contact us at with what you’d like to receive an invoice.

Order Information Changes

If you’ve decided you’d like a different product, or you’d like to reduce the cost of your set, please contact the shop, and we will help you. For example, if you’ve put a full set on our layaway system but decided you would only like a mini set, we will go ahead and schedule you in a mini set. Please note that the difference will not be refunded as we may have already purchased the material for your full set.

Refunds on LaetiLocs Layaway

Refunds regarding partial payments only are also being changed to better fit our store’s standards.

If you’d like to cancel with 10% paid,

You may cancel your order and invoice within 7 days and receive a full refund of the amount paid.

If you’d like to cancel with 20% – 40% paid,

You may cancel your order and invoice within 5 days and receive a full refund unless the amount paid is more than $50, In this case, you will receive a refund of $50.

If you’d like to cancel with 50% paid,

You may cancel your order and invoice within 3 days and receive a full refund up to $50. Because your processing time had already started, we have most likely already purchased the material for your set, so we cannot offer a full refund in this situation.

To cancel, please contact us via