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Wisps: The Lightest Sensation at LaetiLocs

Dreadwisps – The Ideal Synthetic Dreads

Dreadwisps are the newest style available here at LaetiLocs, but what makes them so great? You may have even noticed recently that I’ve been wearing a set myself. I can talk about how great they are all day, but why not show you? Synthetic dreadwisps are the perfect dreads due to their light feel, lack of pull on your hair, their excellent look, and their fast processing time.

After Installation
Before Installation

What Makes Them so Darn Light?

When I make dreadwisps, the method of production is very different from my classic crochet style. This method, while maintaining the same voluminous look as classic crochet dreads, uses less hair. This leads to the light feel that everyone loves about these dreads. Take a look at the pictures below. You’d be hard-pressed to find any major difference in looks. On the right we have my classic crocheted synthetic dreads, and on the left, we have my new dreadwisps. The one on the left has a processing time 3-4 weeks LESS than the one on the right, feels lighter, and won’t have the heavy feeling all dreads have, regardless of the material used, from wool to synthetic hair.

Dreadwisps are not only light; They are also incredibly smooth and feel wonderful to wear. Whether you’re sleeping, traipsing through the woods, doing a photoshoot, or relaxing on the couch, you won’t feel any of the associated discomfort from your dreads. This has been one of my biggest pluses while wearing them.

Classic Crocheted Dreads

Why Do Dreadwisps Look So Darn Good?

When I unveiled my new dreadwaves style, the reception was rather quiet. When I sat down with my husband and business partner to go over possible reasons for this, we were able to put the puzzle pieces together and see that dreadwaves weren’t popular due to their distinct look. They look nothing like what our customers expect to see when they picture synthetic dreads, or any type of dreads for that matter.


When I unveiled dreadwisps, however, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. I took the time to perfect my method for this style and made myself a set to show off. I offered the option locally first, and many of my previous clients have purchased and had a dreadwisp style installed. They are all crazy in love with it and many say they won’t go back to any other style of dreads.

Now I am offering dreadwisps for any set online! And if you’re still not sold, then I’ve saved the best for last: The processing time.

Why Are Wisps So Voluminous?

Dreadwisps are also very voluminous compared to classic crochet synthetic dreads. If you have a look at the pictures above in the first section, you’ll notice just how thick and wonderful the dreadwisps look. This is again due to how they are made and their loose style.

Freshly Installed Dreadwisps

Why Do Dreadwisps Ship So Darn Fast?

One of the biggest benefits of my method for making these amazing new sets is that they aren’t nearly as time consuming to create, which means that I can get them to you faster. Our processing time for classic crochet sets is currently 5-7 weeks while the dreadwisp sets ship in as little at 1-3 weeks! That means less time waiting for your set and more time wearing it. Seriously, what’s not to love?

What’s Not To Love?

You can’t go wrong with dreadwisps, but if you’re still skeptical, you can try them for even less. Our new set customization process (that you can find on any set here) allows you to purchase a set for as little at $25. Additionally, with our easy exchange program, if you dislike your dreadwisp set for any reason (We guarantee you won’t!), we will remake your set in the crocheted style for no extra cost. There’s no risk in trying our amazing new style, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now right here.