Terms & Conditions

When purchasing from LaetiLocs, you agree that you have read and accept the following.

Handmade Items

Please note that all sets are handmade and lengths / thickness may be approximate. We do our best to match your specifications, but please keep in mind that some characteristics of your set may not be entirely exact.

Processing Time

(Added 2019) Dreadwisps, designer sets and custom sets, have a processing time of approximately 1-3 weeks unless the colors used are from our special colors section or our ombre palette. These colors are special ordered and may take some time to be delivered. Please allow a few more weeks of processing time for these colors.

Any Listing for custom items and designers sets (unless otherwise specified) has a processing time of around 5-7 weeks. This is due to how our order system works. Once your order is received, it enters into the queue of existing orders. This is due to our having offline and online clients and only one dreadmaker (Laeti / Vera). We do our best to get your order to you in a timely manner, but we never guarantee these processing times to be exact. Our processing time may occasionally change during the slower months. If you need your order by a certain date, please contact us first to ensure whether or not it’s possible.

All orders having a “Ready to Ship” mark or do not include any custom items/designer sets ship within the next 1-2 business days, typically 1. If your order will ship out later than this due to circumstances we cannot control, we will notify you via email within 24 hours after your purchase is completed to let you know.

Shipping Times and Information

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation (Please check your spam folders. Sometimes they end up there.) and a tracking number. All of our orders are shipped with a tracking number included (unless they are shipped from our US address to an international address). If you do not receive yours, you are welcome to contact us, and we will provide it.

We also post daily pictures on Instagram as you may have noticed. All pictures posted on Instagram are of shipped sets for online clients or offline clients by LaetiLocs. If your set has been shipped and not posted, there may be a small delay due to offline clients’ pictures. Don’t worry, your set will appear, but you may also request pictures.

Shipping times vary wildly from country to country (We ship free worldwide, and your order may be the first time we’ve shipped to your country), but typically all orders arrive 1-4 weeks after shipment with 4 weeks being on the later end. Most orders to the US are delivered within 1-2 weeks, and most orders to the EU are delivered within 1-3 weeks due to extended custom times. If you have any trouble tracking your package, please contact us as we may have mistyped your tracking number or the service may be down. We are always happy to help!

Returns and Exchange Policy

Custom Items

We do not process refunds on custom items due to their nature. As of 2019, we accept exchanges on all sets within 5 days. The reasons accepted for an exchange are:
– You are unhappy with the colors used in your set.
– You are unhappy with the length or style of your set
– You would like a different type of set (wisps, crocheted, etc.)
Exchanges may occur once for each order. Please note that the original set must be returned to us at your expense. If you are unhappy with your exchanged set, another exchange can only be processed if we made a mistake in the creation of your set. We have both a Russian and US address you may send your set to for exchange, so you can choose which one is cheaper and more convenient for you. Exchanged sets must not be worn, installed, or tampered with, but they may be returned without their original packaging so long as they are packaged neatly and safely. Please contact us in order to begin the exchange process.

*Note: Expedited shipping must be paid for regardless of the reason of exchange. We send your exchange set for free via our standard shipping method.

We accept cancellations of custom orders and designer sets within 24 hours. Please contact us in this case. The 24 hours time period is for you to contact us, so even if more than 24 hours time passes before a cancellation is processed, the order will still be cancelled. That way you don’t have to sit and worry for the remainder of the 24 hours. If you messaged us within that time period, you are covered and may wait for our response in peace.

If Your Set is Returned Due to Failed Delivery Attempts or Incorrect Address Provided:

– We will get in touch with you to reconfirm your name and/or address.
– We will attempt to send your set again once for free. Subsequent shipping must be paid for ($12 per set).

If you do not answer our attempts to reach you within 1 week, we will relist your set for sale as a premade. If you get back to us after 1 (7 Days), we will either provide a refund for your order or make you a new set (Your Choice).

Ready to Ship Sets and Items

On items marked “Ready to Ship”, we do accept returns within 3 days after the item has been delivered. We also accept order cancellations within 12 hours, so please contact us if there is an issue with your order, or if you’d like to cancel. If you are in the US, we can provide you with a US address to return your item to so you don’t have to ship internationally. Refunds typically take around a week to process depending on the method of payment. Some are quicker than others.

The refund is processed once the item is returned so we can make sure there isn’t any damage or wear on it. You may also request store credit if you simply want to purchase another item.

Partial Payments With PayPal

We offer partial payments via PayPal invoices. These do not incur interest and do not expire. However, as of now, a time frame and a minimum payment amount is required for an invoice to be agreed upon. Processing times do not begin until an invoice is paid in full. This is because if an invoice is not paid in full after multiple contact attempts, we cancel the order, and any amount spent is refunded. We typically consider cancelling an order after 10 days of no response.