Time Chart

Delivery Estimates

OccasionOrder By:To Receive By:
Arbitrary DateRegular Dreads – 90 Days Before Date
Dreadwisps Dreads – 50 Days before Date
Arbitrary Date
Valentine’s DayDecember 5thFebruary 13th
EasterJanuary 10thEaster Day
SpringJanuary 5thMarch 1st
SummerMarch 10thMay 25th
AutumnJune 20thSeptember 1st
WinterSeptember 20thDecember 1st
ChristmasOctober 10thDecember 22nd

Typically, if you need your custom set by a certain date, it’s best to order at least 3 months in advance unless you order wisps sets. Wisps can be ordered 2 months in advance and still arrive in time. This allows time for occurrences such as a delay during shipping or processing along with the time it takes to install a set. We do our best to make sets in a timely manner, but it depends entirely on our load of orders at the time. If you are unsure if we can meet your required date, please contact us before ordering as we will be able to give a more definite answer.

We provide tracking numbers for all packages unless shipped from our US location.